Friday, May 30, 2008

And It Continues

Reality is Hinder and his family may lose their house.

When I was deciding on what to blog about today I was thinking of leaving the NBL alone. I checked my comments page and noticed all the comments were left by fellow bloggers. Good to see another person's opinion so it led to me not being able to leave the state of the NBL alone.

Now my man Glockers believes the league cannot survive with out Sydney and Brisbane. This is what I have to say in reply. would be great to have both Sydney and Brisbane in the league. Especially due to the points you make.

On the otherhand they have created their own fate. Whether you want to point your finger at the utter disrespect for the salary cap or loss of sponsors, they have dropped the ball somewhere.

What needs to be remembered, this is a business and the business is sport. Businesses come and go, just as players come and go. It might sound ruthless but this is the world as we know it today.

Sure we have the issue of TV rights and major sponsors but if your market is changing, seek out sponsors that fit your landscape.

What would help out the league right now is some positive, feel good stories and the NBL making a statement about what is happening with the rest of the teams in the league.

You look at the remaining teams in the league, all are on the upswing I believe.

Wollongong I'm not sure about and/or if they are recovering from their financial problems of last year but I would think they would be moving forward since they are currently recruiting an improved roster.

The Razorbacks I have no idea about but if they move to Penrith at least they are trying to improve their situation. They are looking at ways to make the club stronger. Whatever your personal feelings towards Penrith are at least the Pigs can start to build a regular fan base that would live in close proximity to the gym. Something they could have never achieved at Homebush.

Take a look at the rest of the franchises and you have your rock solid teams (Melbourne, Townsville, Cairns, Perth). Crowds and sponsorship seem to be ticking over in these locations.

Adelaide seems to have got it back on track and with coach Scott Ninnis adding a healthy diet of locals to the roster, the Croweaters will come out and support their team.

New Zealand is making a splash and should build on their playoff debut of last season.

New kids on the block Gold Coast have made a few subtle changes and are looking to crack the top 4.

That leaves the Dragons. With Brian Goorijan back in town I'm confident in saying the Dragons will get support from the Melbourne community.

Sure it would be tough to lose a couple of high profile franchises but the foundation they have been built on was not rock solid.

I feel if you have solid franchises and a good product their will always be a market for your business.

Time will tell but the sport of basketball is not in as bad a shape as what has been portrayed over the past three days.

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On a lighter note, watch out Tim Gunn, Greg Vaderjagt is coming after your job! Please watch and enjoy what the one time Brisbane Bullet gets up to in his spare time!


Earnie said...

I think if the Kings and Bullets fall, it wouldn't be too long until a new franchise is started in both markets, particularly Sydney. It's definitely workable, the Kings have just been run and owned by complete morons for too long.

As for the rest of the League, all I can say is - this review had better not be a case of deckchairs/titanic. There are very real problems around the league, particularly public/media penetration in the major capitals. A change of name, a tinker with the structure and a consolidation of teams is nowhere near enough.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I also believe this league needs some vision and leadership. All great sporting organisations have leaders with strong determination - a clear idea on where they want to take the sport in the future and an understanding of how they will get it there. To achieve this the NBL needs a better understanding of the product it is trying to market and sell. There is no quick fix on all this.

glockers said...

I should clarify, I said i doubt the league would survive - but if it did it would cease to be relevant.

No team in the Brisbane market would be a huge backwards step and no Kings would be a big marketing and profile blow. The league would become second rate and behind netball and club rugby union.

John Rillie said...


True story. I was writing a reply to your comments and by the time I was through it, it had been a post.

The league would be best served with teams in those areas but until the NBL can find solid operators for them we need to solider on.

Many people are saying we need time off and repair. I would think this could be a case of out of sight, out of mind.

As you said netball etc would overtake hoops and I think this would be true if we took time off to solve the problems.

We need to look at what is working right now (regional teams for the most part) and make the most of these strong franchises while we can hopefully manage to get the others back on track.

Trust me I want the Kings around as I love nothing more than getting a win against them.

I look forward to your blog over the weekend.

John Rillie said...


The review is going to be very interesting. I cannot wait to see what the outcome of it is.

Here's hoping it is all good when completed.

The Substitute said...


It is interesting to see what impact a year off can have on a competition.

Traditionally, the sport has usually lost fans during this process.

But recently, it has been the opposite.

The NSL to A-League switch is one I have mentioned, football went an entire year without a national competition.

Ice hockey's NHL had a season-long lockout three years back. They re-invented themselves and actually came out stronger.

But thankfully, basketball doesn't need to take that risk.

What I see happening is the season shifting to winter and to accommodate this, the league will go on a 9-month hiatus.

We won't miss out on an entire season, there will be enough time to solve problems and its long enough to ensure there will be a hype around the league's return.

John Rillie said...


All very interesting right now. everyone is chipping in their two cents worth.

When it all unfolds, it will be interesting to see who was on the money.

I'll be selfish here and hope that it is one of my fellow bloggers (yourself, DJ Leon Smith and his 250 aspirin or Glockers).